New Details About Cristhian Rivera's Unsettling History - Including How He Followed Another Teen Girl In His Car Before Killing Mollie Tibbetts
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2019-05-27 08:53:01 UTC
The 24-year-old man who was charged with killing 20-year-old
Brooklyn, Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts allegedly had a
history with following girls in his car.

Cristhian Rivera was arrested earlier this week after police saw
him talking to Tibbetts on a neighbor's surveillance video the
night she disappeared. He told detectives he approached her
during her run, and when she told him to leave her alone and
that she would call the police, he "blacked out."

When he came to, Rivera said he was in his car with headphones
in his lap and knew that her body was in the trunk. He carried
her to a nearby cornfield, where her body was later found. She
died from "multiple sharp force injuries."

And it seems like this isn't the first time Rivera has
approached a woman in his car. Bailey Gibson, 18, said he once
"creeped out" her younger, 17-year-old sister.

Gibson, who is also a resident of Brooklyn Iowa, said that at
first, her sister thought Rivera was nice.

"I know Cristhian from my sister. She thought he was a nice,
well-spoken person. They hung out a few times but nothing really
happened romantically," Gibson said.

She started feeling uncomfortable around Rivera after he
approached her in a manner similar to how he approached Tibbetts.

"She told me that a little while ago he drove up to her while
she was walking through Brooklyn," Gibson said. "He told her she
was really pretty and things like that. It was more flirty than
sexual but my sister is very shy. She didn’t appreciate it."

"Even though she knew him a little she felt unsafe and didn't
want to talk to him. In the end, she was really creeped out by
his behavior. She had to keep telling him she wasn't interested."

Thankfully, Rivera left Gibson's sister alone. They didn't think
anything more of the interaction until they learned about
Tibbetts' murder.

"It all clicked when we heard the news. It's so scary to think
he did something similar with my sister," she said.

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Attorney for Mollie Tibbetts’ suspected murderer downplays
Cristhian Rivera’s immigration status (via #TheStory)

2:41 AM - Aug 24, 2018
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Another man — who was only identified as Justin — claimed that
Rivera followed his fiancée in his car.

“I remember her calling me when she noticed how slow he was
driving by in circles, turning around the block to keep up with
her several times on her walk home,” he said. “I vividly
remember one day, it was around sunset or just after, my fiancée
called because she was scared."

Justin said she was returning from getting groceries when Rivera
drove past her at least six times.

"Now it’s really strange because of how long he’s been driving
around like that. It makes you wonder if Mollie was his only

In his first court hearing, Rivera didn't enter a plea, and his
cash-only bond was set to $5 million. His next hearing will be
on Aug. 31.

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2019-05-31 09:45:58 UTC
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Blue Wave! Obama Democrats Murdering Americans!"
Post by But But Sanctuary Cities! Blue Wave! Obama Democrats Murdering Americans!
The 24-year-old man who was charged with killing 20-year-old
Brooklyn, Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts allegedly had a
history with following girls in his car.
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